CHI SIAMO – english version WHO WE ARE

  • October 23, 2018 6:11 pm

The Collettivo Antonin Artaud born in Pisa in 2005 with the aim of creating opportunities of dialogue and comparison, and to support those people severely affected by psychiatric prejudice. Some group’s members have suffered psychiatric abuses, some other not, and no one is a psychiatrist.

The Collettivo acts on two different levels.

The first level is foremost the political one. Our commitment consists, first of all, in analyzing and denouncing the increasing cumbersome role recognized to psychiatry within society, paying particular attention to the methods and mechanisms through which it increasingly expands widespread and transversally. Our commitment is also carried out through initiatives aimed at disseminating the anti-psychiatric culture such as, for example, the presentation of books, theatre, films, videos, meetings and debates.

The second level is focused on direct support to those who contact us to get advice on ongoing treatments, its consequences and side effects, and/or reporting abuses of patients’ rights (according to the few guarantees that the Law “Basaglia” provides). We have a phone service, called the “purple phone”, dedicated to people in psychiatric emergency or simply in need of be heard and get advice. Similarly, people may contact us through our e-mail address or directly meet us at the front office on fortnightly Tuesdays.  


Collettivo Antipsichiatrico Antonin Artaud
via San Lorenzo 38 56100 Pisa / 335 7002669